Check your key vulnerabilities



Gates, fences, garages, outbuildings

Doors and Windows

Doors and Windows

Locks, viewers, chains etc

Smart Scan

Lighting and Alarms

Lights, burglar, smoke and panic alarms.


Personal Property

Marking, inventorying, photographing

Print report


Cars, bikes, cycles.



Keep yourself safe on-line

Ten minutes is all you need

Browse the questions and just answer Yes or No
Answering No brings up a recommendation for that particular item
Print, save and/or email your recommendations when finished

Print report

Print when done

Safe and reliable

No data is sent from your device or stored after you finish
(you can print or email the recommendations for your records)

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Safe and reliable

Selecting Start Again will delete all your selections and recommendations to date

If that is what you want to do, click 'Confirm Start Again' below; otherwise click 'Cancel'

Save your recommendations!

If you do not print, save or email a copy of your recommendations, all will be lost when the 'Finish' page is closed

Completing your Assessment

After starting you will be presented with a series of questions about the security of your home

Click 'Tap to select your answer' to see the available options for this question and tap to select your answer

If you select 'No' for any question, a recommendation will appear

You can move from section to section by tapping 'Next questions...' when each Section is completed

When you have completed all questions in all sections you will be presented with the opportunity to print and/or email the advice provided; if you do not select one or both of these options and close the browser window, all your answers and recommendations will be deleted

Data is stored temporarily on this device only

This assessment created and maintained by Thames Valley Police Volunteer, Jeff Maynard (T5273)