Police Support Volunteer

Donate your skills and/or time

   -to support your local Police force

Your efforts can help stem crime

Your expertise can be passed on to serving officers


Police Support Volunteers (Citizens in Policing).

Any member of the public who passes the vetting requirements (see below) can offer their time and/or experience to support their local Police force.

Generally there is no requirement for a set number of hours or days although scheduling support time will always be done in conjunction with the supervising officer.

Volunteers are not paid but may claim travelling expenses.


All Police Volunteers must be vetted

Vetting process

Usually starts with the prospective volunteer completing an extensive questionnaire. Vetting is renewed every few years (depending on the level of vetting).

Any criminal record?

Checks are made against the PNC (Police National Computer) and other sources for any history of criminal activity.

Any financial issues?

Whilst modest levels of debt are nota a barrier to volunteering, it is important to ensure that no-one who might be tempted with money by third parties is approved.

UK Police forces

Officers and staff


Police volunteers


What sort of work do volunteers undertake?


Dog walking

Station front desk

Horse grooming

Vehicle movement

Protect Advice

CCTV monitoring

Public information post

Role playing

Various IT tasks

Detail on some volunteering roles

A lot of Police effort involves updating records; better that this is done by a volunteer.

Volunteer Administrators

Entering data in spreadsheets, for example, relieves officers for front line duty.

Modest computer skills

The work involved for a volunteer administrator requires only basic computer skills.

Each week a volunteer with Surrey and Sussex Cyber Crime Unit receives a list of members of the public who reported an issue to Action Fraud.

Immediate contact

Helpful documents (downloadable below also) are sent to each individual with an invitation to discuss the issues reported.

Follow up contact

On request, the volunteer will talk to the victim with two aims: helping him or her understand why and how they were compromised and sharing information on how to prevent a second occurrence.

A lot of crime can be prevented by sharing information with members of the public; this can be done at a station front desk or an organised gathering.

Police station front desk

As with administration, a lot of Front Desk work is routine and can easily be undertaken by a volunteer.

Sharing with the public

Presenting advice to the public in an organised manner can be an effective way of helping reduce crime.

Rational behind Police Support Volunteers*

Additional resource

Volunteers are additional to not a replacement for

Not a lower cost option

Volunteers are not a replacement for paid roles

Specific tasks

An effective PSV programme engages volunteers to perform specific tasks

Free up officers

Volunteers can free up officers tro concentrate on frontline duties

Additional capacity

Volunteers help their force to continue to offer services to the public

*College of Policing

This rational is as published by the College of Policing


Read, share (with family, friends, colleagues) - stay safe!

Data Backup

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Clean Systems

As well as accepting software updates (for operating systems such as Windows, Android and iOS as well as programs)when offered, ensure you run the latest anti-virus software.



Until PassKeys become the norm, the password is the key the bad guys want to gain access to your identity and money; read official advice on choosing secure, safe passwords.



Take the steps appropriate to minimising the risk of a ransomware attack; read how to recover form one (without paying a ransom!).


Spam & Phishing

Criminal use emails designed to look genuine in an attempt to lure you into entering your login credential into a fake web site (known as phishing; recognising and avoiding these, similar SMS messages and social media scams to stay safe on-line.



Public wi-fi can present a security risk in rare cases; read, in this download, what to do and what not to do to stay safe.



Frequently Asked Questions

No; only Police Officers and Specials carrying a Warrant Card are empowered to make arrests

No (although you might be given some protective clothing for certain tasks)

Yes, you will have an Id showing your name, picture and shoulder number and which must be worn when on Police premises.

No, but you can usually claim travelling expenses.

You decide how much time to offer and agree this with your supervising officer.

Many volunteering roles can be carried out remotely (from home) but, to access your force email, you will need a Police supplied laptop or MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) - force email is not accessible from your home computer.


What officers say about volunteers

Police support volunteers are a valuable asset to our force. They willingly give their time and energy to assist us in various duties helping us to better serve and protect our communities.


For security

Having police support volunteers on board enhances our ability to engage with the public. Their presence during events and patrols helps to build trust and bridges the gap between the police and the community.


For security

The dedication and enthusiasm of police support volunteers are commendable. They bring diverse skills and perspectives making a significant contribution to our crime prevention efforts.


For security

Working alongside police support volunteers has been a rewarding experience. Their assistance with administrative tasks and logistical support has lightened our load and allows us to focus on critical policing matters.


For security

The commitment shown by police support volunteers demonstrates a genuine passion for community safety. Their involvement in victim support services and community outreach programs has made a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve.


For security


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